Mane Event

Experience compost quality with our signature Compost – a carefully developed mix of horse manure and assorted green waste. Our compost not only enriches soil with NPK nutrients but also introduces a thriving microbial community, enhancing plant vitality. Elevate your gardening game with our premium compost – the key to vibrant, healthy landscapes.

Blame it on the Rein

An expertly crafted blend ideal for garden beds and repotting starters. Enriched with compost, bark, and strategic additives, this mix is designed for superior drainage, fostering optimal root growth. Formulated with insights from top professionals, it not only creates necessary air pockets but also provides essential carbon compounds for enhanced microbial activity.

Bagged Compost

Convenient bag options to meet any composting needs.

Available in two sizes:

  • 0.75 cubic foot bags for easy handling and transporting. 
  • 1 cubic yard bags, for the larger projects.

Mane Event – available in both sizes.

Blame it on the Rein – available in Cubic Yard bag.

You Grow Girl

Our engineered topsoil is an essential addition aiding in aeration and ensuring healthy plant development. Packed with mineral-rich sand particles, it serves as a valuable source of nutrients for your soil’s microorganisms, ultimately benefiting your plants. A crucial element for maintaining well-established and thriving plants. Used heavily for topdressing.

Pure Tea Good

Unleash the power of our Signature Compost Tea Blend for unparalleled plant vitality. Apply on foliage and soak the soil around the roots. Our tea promotes a protective microbial shield. Use same day of the purchase – microbes die quickly after removal from the oxygenated system. Must call ahead 24hrs before for orders. Optimal results start with a minimum of five gallons of Tea per acre. For every five feet of foliage height, ensure 75% coverage for maximum benefits. Feel free to use more to tailor the potency to your needs.

Roll-Off Container Services

Revolutionize your waste removal with our Roll-Off Container Service. Say goodbye to the hassle of green waste and horse manure disposal. Experience convenience, cleanliness, and environmental responsibility, all in one bin. Call for a quote on services.