Purebred Compost mends your soil

Purebred Compost is easy to use and delivers quality organic nutrients, soil carbon, and other minerals and microbes to enhance the plant growth around it.

Bringing the power of green nutrients from the farm to your home, Purebred’s compost adds significant amounts of organic matter to the soil when used in recommended quantities. This organic matter can increase aeration, nutrient capacity, soil drainage, and water-holding capacity. The advantageous impacts of using Purebred’s Composts on soil structure can have a greater effect on plant growth than the fertilizer quantity in the blends.

Benefits of Purebred Compost

  • Nutrient Retention: Increases Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of soils. This enhances the soil’s capacity for holding nutrients and delivering them for the plant’s cells needs.
  • Soil Structure: Improvement in the soil structure, porosity, and density generates a healthier root ecosystem.
  • Permeability & Infiltration: Create permeability and infiltration in dense soils leading to a reduction in runoff problems and erosion.
  • pH Balance: Stabilizes and improves the pH in soils.
  • Moisture Capacity: Develops the water holding capacity in the soil, reducing water loss and leaching in our sandy soils.
  • Pathogen Suppression: Ability to control or suppress some soil-borne pathogens that affect plants.